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CHGP is a race to be run annually at Bellahøj

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is Danish motorsport’s flagship. CHGP is a race in Copenhagen – with action, drama and full speed. Entertainment for the whole family. It is here we have a great weekend in August each year, celebrating historic racecars and famous racedrivers, especially our Danish icons, but also international stars.
CHGP is also a cultural story about the racecar’s development from childhood of motorsport to innovative, electric and hybrid cars.
Besides the race there is plenty of activity in the inner circle. Company events, exhibitions, motoring clubs, accessories, restaurants, bookstore, food and beverage stalls and children’s playground.
We are in CHGP proud to have HRH Prince Joachim as a patron, and Tom Kristensen and Jackie Oliver as ambassadors.

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix for the whole family – Children are invited inside free of charge
When the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix takes place on August 5th and 6th 2017 at Bellahøj in Copenhagen , it will be a real family event. There are a myriad of events for both old, young – and the very youngest.

CHGP invites all children under the age of 14 years, accompanied by a paying adult, to watch the Grand Prix free of charge.

In 2013 we have established the children and family areay at the innner cirkle, where we have activities and fun for every member of the family. Enjoy the market booths with everything your heart could desire of motorsport souvenirs. There is a real café area on the lawn and in addition two good lunch restaurants, , there are good food booths everywhere, so everyone can have a good day in the park.

Living people and “live” vehicles
The Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is a real family event; experience from previous years has shown. The Grand Prix is a good opportunity for parents to give children an insight into what the cars looked like when mom and dad were young. Unlike museums, this is the right atmosphere of action with live people and “live” cars.

There is a tradition that it is not only exciting classic cars will be aired on the 2,6-kilometer-long racetrack at Bellahøj, but also legendary racing drivers, who shakes the dust off, get into the cockpit, or sit behind the wheel of the old racecars and let themselves loose as they did when they and the cars were still quite young – it is simply pure nostalgia!

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix which is Europe’s most beautiful street race is an extraordinary event that attracts a wide range of audiences from all around the world. This charming historical race from a time where one can see the difference between the different cars is arranged in coordination with Historical Motor Sport the first weekend of august at Bellahøj in Copenhagen.