At the beginning of the year the drivers registration opened for Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix on July 30th and 31st. at Bellahoj Park, and up to March 31st there is no entry fee *

The race drivers and their impressive race cars are an invaluable part of the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. Rightful so, they attract hundreds of beautiful historic racing cars, tens of thousands of spectators, guests and audiences to an annual event.

From the opening of the driver’s registration on Monday January 4th and until March 31st there will be no registration fee, while there during the period of April 1st – June 30th will be a 500 kr. fee for registration for Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. If you wait to register between July 1st – 15th the registration for CHGP 2016 will cost 1.500 kr. in registration fee.

The registration includes 1 car, 1 driver and 1 spot of 3 x 6 meter in the paddock along with an equal space for a workshop vehicle. Additional space in the paddock of 3 x 6 meter can be purchased for 1.000 kr.

The program for Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is elaborate, with many historic classes including the entertainment class Royal Pro/Am, which is raced both Saturday and Sunday, along with several show classes like motorcycles and other historic highlights. The audience will also once again be able to experience modern motorsport in the form of the Danish Thundersport Championship, which also in 2016 will run a fully counting championship heat.

Class A:
Class A provides real history from the period before and after World War II. In the classes A1 and A2, the future older race cars will be divided into the period before 1939 and in the years between 1939 and 1947.
A time where engineering skills and innovation really sparkled in spark plugs designs from brands like Riley, MG, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Bugatti.

Class B: Historic cars up to 1965:
In 2015 the class for historic race cars up to 1965 was the absolute largest at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix with more than 35 participating cars. And 2016 will be no exception, as the class is already sold out through the sixty-fivers racing group. It is however possible to be placed on a waiting list by contacting the racing group association. The race cars in this class are from 1961 to 1965 and are therefore relatively technologically equal. Her you can experience Ford Cortina, Volvo PV544, Morris Mascot and Alfa Romeo GTV.

Class C – Touring/GT up to 1971 – under 1.300 cm3:
In this class you can enjoy a wide variety of racing models such as Fiat Abarth, Mini Cooper S, Ford Anglia, Hillmann Imp, NSU 1200 TT and many more exciting brands, which many will remember from their childhood and youth.

Class D – Touring/GT up to 1971 – over 1.300 cm3:
Inspired by class C, but with more motor power. Here the standard carriages are in heavily tuned and modified form. In this field you see models like Lotus Cortina and Ford Escort DBA together with Alfa Romeo GTA, Volvo 142S, BMW 2002tii, and many other eye-catching special versions of contemporary popular family models.

Class E – Historic cars up to 1986:
The class with standard wagons and GTS cars from the period 1971-76, 1976-81 and 1981-1985 is a wonderful cocktail of two decades most coveted and inspiring models. Among the standard wagons we find cars such as Opel Kadett GT-E, Ford Escort RS 1600 and 2000 with the famous BDA-motor. With the GT-cars in this class the Porsche 911 is probably the most famous, but also sports cars from Mercedes, Nissan gets much admiration.

Class F – Formula Junior:
In the first years after World War II, races were run in virtually everything that had survived the destructions of war. In the mid-50s an Italian Count took initiative to create the Junior class as a cheap showcase to Formula 1. The class soon became very popular and went through a fascinating development. The widely used motorcycle engines of 500 cm3 in that times formula 3, were replaced with highly tuned standard car engines at either 1.0 or 1.1 liters, depending on the car’s own weight.

Registration for drivers for CHGP 2016 will be handled on the website.

* A non-refundable administration fee of 500,- kr. is required, which is lost if cancelling.

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