Race entry for CHGP 2016 is now closed.

We are welcoming more than 200 participants at CHGP 2016, as well over 35.000 spectators throughout the race weekend, 30th – 31st of July are expexted.

Entry is closed:

Bellahøj Park is located in the Northwest part of Copenhagen, and center of Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2016. Bellahøj Park is surrounded by a 2.4 km long racetrack, build especially for this annual occasion.

  • Historic cars up to 1939 / 1947
  • Historic cars up to 1971 under and over 1300cc
  • Historic cars up to 1986
  • Formel Junior
  • Legends
  • DTC


The track is 2.4 km long

3 chicanes and a height different at 16.6 meters










Entry fee includes:

  • Entry for the participating car
  • 3 x 6 meter in the paddock pr. participating car
  • 3 x 6 meter in the paddock pr. participating car (not necessary coherent)
  • 1 weekend pass for the participating driver
  • The possibility to buy additional space in the paddock (3 x 6 meter) 1.000 DKK
  • The possibility to buy access to our new and exclusive Drivers Lounge including a breakfast and lunch buffet


General information

CHGP 2016 is being held the last weekend of July, 30th – 31st 2016 (8am – 6pm) on Bellahøj Park near Grøndal MultiCenter in 2400Copenhagen.
The sporting side of the Grand Prix is being executed in close cooperation between DASU, ASKH and CHGP. CHGP are also responsible for the commercial aspect. The Grand Prix is to be executed in relation to Danish regulations.
CHGP is a major event, where we are taking all the necessary precautions.

Therefore the individual classes is being located in the same area, however we are trying to adapt to the individual drivers requests. Special request shall be noted in the rubric “Comments”, when filled out the entry form. There is limited amount of extra space in the paddock, we therefore reserve the right to reject vehicles and tents which exceeds the above measures.

Once again, is it possible to use CHGP’s camping area at Bellahøj Park’s inner circle. The prices are 100 DKK per person for the entire weekend, and 200 DKK for a caravan/tent. Camping ticket is not available yet.
A Danish or International license with start permission is required to participate at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix
The supplementary regulations are still under preparation – as soon as these are approved by DASU can they be downloaded here.
The noise level is to be kept, as the official regulations dictates.
The cars may only get fuel at the fueling areas in the paddock.

OBS. Bellahøj Park is located in a green environment zone, thus trucks shall be environment approved and have proper air filters

Driver News, we have in 2016 established a Drivers Lounge inside Grøndal MultiCenter. Here we’ll be serving a breakfast and lunch buffet in an exclusive setting (big screens, golf simulators and toilets). The price is 250 DKK per day (7am – 6pm) both Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore we’ll be serving coffee and tea throughout the entire opening period. When buying this additional service you will receive an access pass, which shall be visible shown when entering the Drivers Lounge.

Additionally, it will be possible to buy food and drinks at the Drivers Lounge both Thursday and Friday before the race weekend. On these two days is the lounge area open for everybody, and does therefore not require a access pass.

Lot of spectators

Not only will there be a lot of spectators present at CHGP the race will also be monitored live on TV2 Sport throughout the entire weekend.

CHGP 2015


Additional services:

Do you like to invite a lot of guests to CHGP 2016? Then are our exclusive Business Lounges a perfect opportunity for you.. Contact us for further information!

  • Tickets to mechanics and friends with a special drivers discount
  • Additional space in the paddock
  • Access Pass to the new and improved Drivers Lounge in Grøndal Multicenter
  • Camping space at the inner circle

Prices 2016

The prices are only for the historic classes. Other prices will be formed out by our external Promotors DTC and Legends.

Entry form

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