Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

Royal Pro / Am

One of the major attractions at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is ​​the Royal Pro / Am race, where the Danish Le Mans stars Tom K, Nicki Thiim and Marco Sørensen from the Danish car and many others share a car with a so-called amateur. Driving straight to the border, here is a guarantee of a good race.

Number Participant Pro/Am Brand Model Start no.
1 Tom Kristensen Pro Ford Lotus Cortina 65
H.K.H. Prins Joachim Am
2 Pro Ford Lotus Cortina 56
Martin Berner Am
3 Pro Ford Lotus Cortina 71
Oscar Davidsen Siesbye Am
4 Patrick Watts Pro Austin Cooper S 84
Christian Hope Am
5 Lasse Sørensen Pro Ford Lotus Cortina 95
Jan Struve Am
6 TBA Pro Ford Lotus Cortina 59
7 Michael Christensen Pro Porsche 911
Jesper Blom Am
8 Lars Kern Pro Porsche 911 90
Andreas Rolner Am
9 Nanna Hald Gøtsche Pro Volvo Amazon 122 S 76
Lars Leed Am
10 Martin Hald Gøtsche Pro Volvo Amazon 122 S 78
Nikolaj Leed Am
11 Benny Rasmussen Pro Ford Escort 3
Klaus Bodilsen Am
12 Jacob Kristensen Pro Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Super 17
Ole Klitgaard Am
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