The Track

The Track 2014-05-20T19:53:25+00:00

The race will be held on closed roads at Bellahøj in Copenhagen.

THE TRACK for the annual Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is a 2,6 km long course laid out especially for the CHGP . Track width is 8-15 meters. Within a week the busy streets are transformed into a unique race track with run-off areas, grand stands, pits and an amusements area for the whole family.

From the start-finish line on Bellahøjvej, the track runs counterclockwise downhill, facing several 90 degree turns and a Monaco type chicane, uphill to the Bus stop chicane, a tricky lefthander leading to the finish.

It is sourrounded by, concrete and crash fences. For maximum security a 2 meter high steel fence are attached to the concrete barriers.

The track is wide and safe for the participating drivers, and the good view gives the spectators optimum possibility to see the races.

GMC (Grøndal MultiCenter) which is the main hub of the area is located at the address: Hvidkildevej 63, 2400 Copenhagen NV.