1. General information
 According to the Danish GDPR regulations, Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix (CHGP) must inform you of how we, as data controller, process your personal information.
  1. Collection and processing of information
In order for CHGP to service you, we collect the following information from you, when you register as a driver at CHGP: name, address, phone no., e-mail, date of birth, license no., FIA HTP no., transponder no., as well as any other information you may give. The information is collected with the sole purpose of registering you as a driver at CHGP.It is possible for you to decline giving us the information we ask for. If, however, you decide to decline, we will, unfortunately, be unable to meet your request.In general, CHGP will not process sensitive personal information about you. If, however, you choose to present sensitive information to us, we will consider this as your accept of our processing.
  1. Legal framework for processing of information
CHGP processes your information as a result of the contract you have signed or consider signing with CHGP, cf. the Danish Data Protection Act, article 6 paragraph 1, point b.
  1. Transmission of information
We will only transmit your personal information to the extent of which we are eligible and obliged. In these circumstances we will only transmit the necessary personal information to our partners in case it is mandatory in order to fulfill the contract we have signed with you.We will transmit the information necessary to fulfil the contract. In connection with the control and approval of race cars, races, timings and presentation of results we will transmit the personal information necessary to data controllers. CHGP employs the following data controllers:
  • DASU
  • ASK Hedeland
  • Datapower/Race Result
CHGP utilizes service providers and partners who work for us as data processors. This includes hosting of servers, maintenance of systems etc. These partners are allowed access to data to the extent necessary to provide their services. Partners are obliged to process all data strictly confidential and are thus not allowed to use data for any other purpose than to the extent of their contract with CHGP
  1. Your right to insight
You have the right to know what information from you CHGP processes and how we use it. Furthermore, you have the right to know how long we store your information and with whom we share it.
  1. Your right to have information corrected or deleted
In case CHGP has registered wrong, incomplete or irrelevant information about you, you have the right to have this information corrected or deleted, within the imitations of the Legislation or other basis.
  1. Information concerning the event
When you register as driver, you accept that CHGP emails you important information before the event as well as information regarding drivers’ registration for the following year. You may unsubscribe at any time.
  1. Questions
If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact us at any time by email: info@chgp.dk. This also applies if you wish to exercise your rights as mentioned in points 5, 6 and 7.