Off road Experience



In connection with the summer’s CHGP, er are establishing a very special off-road track and you can get a free trip.

In addition to motorcourses in many historic and modern racing classes, the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix also features a large family area with exciting activities and exhibitions of cars, equipment and much more.

In addition to an exhibition of different 4×4 models, there will be the opportunity to experience a special off road Experience.

Off road Experience is a mobile terrain track designed to give guests a true feel with the unique driving characteristics of 4×4 models. Artificially created obstacles give the most real experience of a 4×4 without having to penetrate mud, water and generally difficult terrain.

The mobile terrain is made up of three obstacles that are specially designed to give a good impression of how advanced the 4×4 models are and how the auxiliary systems in the cars work. The course contains the following elements:

Wheel hike : The car comes through an obstacle where 2 of the wheels of the car will hang freely in the air.

Trailer disaster: The car is driving up a ramp and then back down. The rise does not look much when viewed as a spectator, but the sensation and experience of the obstacle from the car’s cabin will be quite different

Side slope: The car runs on a ramp, 2 of the car’s tires are located on the ramp and the last 2 are located on the ground.

There will be trained instructors at the terrain, like offroad trained instructors will be behind the wheel .Anyone who wants to get a ride through the obstacles has this opportunity.


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