Revealing of the annual CHGP poster 2016

Revealing of the annual CHGP poster 2016

True to tradition Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix has prepared a nice CHGP poster, as a tribute to the historic motor race held on July 30th and 31st at Bellahoj Park.

It is a tradition. The annual poster design for Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, which in one narrative picture summarizes the very essence of the historic motor racing weekend in Copenhagen. The design must be breathtaking and involving. And at the same time, help stage the classic racing at Bellahoj Park.

Since 1996, where the historic racing engines for the first time could be heard in the streets of Copenhagen, it has been absolute customary, that the annual CHGPposter reflects the contents of the late summer event. From the beginning on the cobblestones in front of the Christiansborg Palace Square, the former military area of Holmen, onward through Faelledparken and now to Bellahoj Park, where CHGP i 2016 for the third year in a row will welcome motor sports enthusiasts and audiences to a speed celebration for the whole family on the weekend of 30th-31st July.

Over the years, the CHGP poster has carried illustrations of a variety of subjects. The historic race cars is a recurring theme, and while a few posters just have a single race car as front figure, most posters are designed with a main motif complemented by other car models in the background.

The adventurous silver colored racer on this year CHGP poster is an Auto Union Type D racing car from 1939, whose history is as fascinating as it is priceless.

One of the fundamental businesses to Audi, Auto Union, was regarded by many as the second Silver Arrow team who, along with Mercedes-Benz, was leading in international motorsport in the 1930s, until World War II broke out.

Audi Tradition, which today carries the brand’s heritage, says that there are five original Auto Union racers left in the world. This 1939 model was especially modified with two compressors instead of the usual one, and won in 1939 both the French and Czechoslovakian Grands Prix, thanks to 485 hp from a 12-cylinder engine and, for the time, quite fascinating top speed of 330 km in class.

The man behind the wheel is another ikon. He is the nine-time Danish Le Mans star Tom Kristensen, who also works behind the scene to give his contribution.

In his role as an ambassador for Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, Tom Kristensen has since 2007 created awareness and interest among colleagues in international motorsport for one of the few real city-races for historic racing cars and classic sports cars.

This year’s CHGP poster contains a reference to the many other historic motor classes that race at the event, including the Formula Junior and the Danish DTC series, whose thundering American race cars complete the experiences of racing from “back then I was a boy,” and up to now.

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Info about the artist: Martin Nielsen is an educated illustrator and graphic designer from the Danish Design School. The last 16 years Martin Nielsen, has together with his partner Charlotte Lund Nielsen, founded their own design business ( ).