As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to experience CHGP from the inside
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As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to experience CHGP from the inside

The many volunteers who help create Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix each year play a very important role. Basically, there would be no race without the enormous and assiduous effort of the volunteers.

It is indisputable that every single volunteer plays an important role when more than 200 race drivers and 30.000 spectators gather at Bellahøj Park during the first weekend of August to race. Ever since CHGP started back in 1996, the event has completed nearly 20 succesful events, primarily due to the efficient and competent work from the many volunteers.

At CHGP we aim to create a unique event where volunteers have the opportunity to think creatively and contribute to create the best motorsports family event in Denmark. Furthermore, our volunteers experience the Grand Prix from the front seat and they become part of a very special bond between people.

You can recognize the volunteers on their brightly coloured poloshirts with the CHGP logo on the chest. The welcome guests and spectators at the entrances, they check tickets at the stands, they cater for visitors at food trucks and they carry out a wide variety of other tasks.

Our volunteers also build the 2.4 km racetrack. Watching the creation and dismantling of the racetrack at Bellahøj Park is truly fascinating. In less than a week, approximately 50 volunteers build the track including all fencing, concrete blocks, tyre barriers and waterwalls. They also establish four bridges, offering the visitors the opportunity to cross the track when they come to watch the race. They put up food and beverage stalls as well as restaurants for those wanting to sit down while eating. And lots of toilets. They lay out kilometers of powercables. Put up stalls including sound systems and wide screen TVs. Hoist tents for exhibitors, drivers and sponsors. They put up signs and banner ads as part of the financial funding of the event. When it is all over, the volunteers just spend two additional days dismantling everything again.

Each year, Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix attracts approximately 500 volunteers who help in various categories/fields – ranging from track construction to event service, and from logistics to Historic Car Park.

Our volunteers make a difference. You can also be a volunteer if you want to. Visit our website for more information about volunteers at CHGP 2018 here:

We hope to see you!