Bike race at  Bellahøj Park prior to Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

Bike race at Bellahøj Park prior to Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

Just like last year, the four-wheeled historic racecars will not be the only ones allowed to have fun on the asphalt at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix during the first weekend of August this year.

Friday night, after the preliminary training sessions have ended, the racecars let a large number of bike riders take over Bellahøj Park, and for a few hours, the wide race tyres and motorized horsepower are exchanged with narrow bike tyres and fit legs.

Once again, Arbejdernes Bicykle Club (ABC) arranges the event which will mark the club’s 125th anniversary. “ABC’s 125th Anniversary Grand Prix” is open for entry via DCU’s website (Danmarks Cykel Union) and the organizers expect an impressive 80 participants who are all among the top riders in Denmark.

At the same time, the organizers are working hard to get a couple of top-profiles to participate – preferably Tour de France participants, but this has yet to be confirmed.

The board at ABC comments: “Just like last year, the bike race will be a very special Copenhagen-event with the participation of some of the most amazing biking stars. One thing is certain: Both participants and spectators are in for an amazing experience on a race track in the middle of the city on a night when the traffic has been completely shot off.”     Start and finish line of the ABC Bicycle Grand Prix 2019 is at Hulgårdsvej outside the Grøndal MultiCenterand the race will be of 55 minutes plus one round. The 2,4 km route is exactly the same as the route driven by the many racecars at Bellahøj Park on Saturday and Sunday.