Bike race at Bellahøj Park prior to Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

Bike race at Bellahøj Park prior to Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

Experience an amazing bicycle street race on Friday, August 3rd, the night before Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix kicks off.   

The four-wheeled historic racecars will not be the only ones allowed to have fun on the asphalt at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix during the first weekend of August. Friday night, after the preliminary training sessions have ended, the racecars let a large number of bike riders take over Bellahøj Park, and for a few hours the wide race tyres and motorized horsepower are exchanged with narrow bike tyres and fit legs.

In collaboration with Arbejdernes Bicykle Club (ABC), Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix has initiated the bike race at Bellahøj in Copenhagen.
The race is for A-, B- og U19-riders as well as riders invited by the ABC. The race will be executed in one session and the three winners will be awarded cash prizes.

The board of the ABC comments: ”We will be creating a unique event in Copenhagen and biking the racetrack will, undoubtedly, be an amazing experience for the riders.”

Start and finish line of the ABC Bicycle Grand Prix 2018 is at Hulgårdsvej outside the Grøndal MultiCenter, and the race will be of 50 minutes plus one round. The 2,3 km route is exactly the same as the route driven by the many racecars at Bellahøj Park on Saturday and Sunday.

CEO of Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix Jens-Peter Lange says: ”We are proud to present a high-level bike race and we expect to see a highly motivated field of riders. During the last couple of years, we have been searching for alternative ways to use our racetrack to supplement the historic racing. With the ABC bike race we believe we have taken the initiative to show just how many opportunities an event like Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix brings to our capital.”

Bike riders can join the race via DCU’s website: