Brand new collection of merchandise

Brand new collection of merchandise

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Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix has designed a brand new collection of merchandise for this year’s historic race, which will take place during the weekend of August 4th and 5th 2018 in Copenhagen.

Polo shirt

The French tennis champion René Lacoste originally designed the polo shirt, as we know it, in 1926. Since then, the polo shirt has become a must-have in any male wardrobe. A CHGP polo shirt signals motorsports and combines its dark blue base colour with details of red and white. Please note that the polo shirt will not be available prior to the race weekend. You can purchase the polo shirt from our Merchandise Shop at Bellahøj Park during the race.

Price: DKK 350



One thing, that all men most certainly have, is a T-shirt. Ever since icons like Marlon Brando and James Dean made the t-shirt cool in the 1960s, this specific piece of clothing has been an essential part of the male wardrobe. Our CHGP t-shirt helps you create a relaxed and cool look and it fits perfectly with a pair of jeans.

Price: From DKK 200



This year’s CHGP cap matches our polo shirt: Dark blue with a black and white checkered brim and our logo. It offers perfect shade from the sun and helps you create a classy, yet relaxed, look.

Price: DKK 150



An umbrella is always nice when it rains. Hopefully, you will not need it during the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix -weekend in Copenhagen, but no matter when you use it, it will ooze with motorsports.

Price: DKK 200