CHGP is nominated for the Best Sports Event of the year in Copenhagen

CHGP is nominated for the Best Sports Event of the year in Copenhagen

Every year the Copenhagen Congress and Event Award celebrates the Danish’s hosts of international events and this year the Copenhagen Street race, held on August 5th and 6th 2017 is nominated.

Every year, Copenhagen is host 200 international congresses and sporting events that help put Copenhagen on the world map. As a tribute to hosts and organizers, Wonderful Copenhagen and the City of Copenhagen are initiators of the “Copenhagen Congress and Event Award”, and in 2017 Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is among the nominees.

Since 1996, where the historic racing engines were heard for the first time in Copenhagen’s streets, the classic racing event has grown in number of participants as well as spectators. Since the start on the cobblestones in front of Christiansborg Palace Square in 1996, to the abandoned military area at Holmen, through Fælledparken and now on to Bellahøj Park, where the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix in 2017 offers a festive celebration for the fifth consecutive year, the event has shown its unique character.

The center of the event is our many volunteers who jointly ensure that the event of this caliber, which in all humility must be regarded as the flagship of Danish motorsport. Also, it was not possible to hold this huge event without a good and continuous well-functioning cooperation with the local community, Grøndahl MultiCenter, as well as the city’s Technical and Environmental Management and Culture and Leisure Administration.

The reason for the nomination is that the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is a unique international cultural event in Copenhagen, which has developed into a solid part of Copenhagen’s events with a committed participant and fan base from home and abroad. Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix has experienced a significant increase in spectator numbers with more than 33,500 happy car enthusiasts in Bellahøj Park, and it – together with television and press coverage – gives Copenhagen a unique and different opportunity to achieve high visibility as a visionary and cultural big city.

As an organizer, the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is proud to be nominated with two other strong sporting events, namely the World Rowing Master Regatta 2016 and the TrygFonden Christiansborg Rundt.

On April 19th, it will be revealed which of the three nominated sports events,will run off with the title of the year’s best sporting event in the City of Copenhagen.

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