CHGP poster revealed

CHGP poster revealed

The 2018 poster is a tribute to the historic Formula One class, visting Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix and Bellahøj Park for the first time in 2018.

As always, Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix has created a gorgeous CHGP poster, capturing the essence of the historic motorsports weekend in one, descriptive image. The design depicts the scenery and creates the framework for the classic race at Bellahøj Park, which will take place during the first week of August as usual.

Since 1996, when the historic race engines roared through the streets of Copenhagen for the first time, the CHGP poster of the year has been a reference to the season’s coming event. From the very beginning on the cobbles in front of Christiansborg Castle in 1996, to the abandoned military grounds at Holmen. Further on through the recreational Park, Fælledparken, to Bellahøj Park, where CHGP in 2018, for the 6th time, will welcome enthusiasts and audience to a giant speed party for the entire family during the weekend of August 4th and 5th.

Through the years, the CHGP poster has displayed many different designs. The historic racecar is a favourite theme, and while some posters have had a single racecar in focus, most posters have been constructed with one main motif and additional motifs in the background.

This year, the illustration once again shows a single racecar, indicating that the historic race class HGPCA, also known as ”Historic Grand Prix Cars Association”, will visit CHGP this year. The class pays homage to the wonderful racecars dating back from the two-seaters of the 1920s and all the way to the cigar shaped single-seaters of the 1960s.

The marvelous yellow racer on the CHGP poster is a Ferrari 156 from 1961 and its story is quite fascinating. The beautiful Ferrari-racer was constructed to comply with the new Formula One regulations in 1961, where the size of the engine was reduced from 2,5 to 1,5 liters.

The Ferrari 156 was nicknamed ”Sharknose” as a reference to the characteristic air vent in the front, which looks a bit like the nose of a shark. A similar design was used again in 1961 and 1962 on Ferrari’s SP-racers and again 40 years later, in 1999, when Ferrari launched the 360 Modena street car.

Ferrari 156 was a success from its very first season. The American race driver Phil Hill was behind the wheel when Ferrari won both the Belgian and the German Grand Prix, ensuring Hill the individual Formula One World Championship and Ferrari the constructor Championships.

Besides HGPCA, ”Historic Grand Prix Cars Association”, a number of other historic race classes are expected at the starting line in 2018 along with the entertaining OK Mobile 1 Legends Car Cup and the modern MASCOT Danish Thundersport Championship-series. Furthermore, CHGP includes the Charity Event “Race for Charity” which will take place during one hour on both Saturday and Sunday, where the audience has the opportunity to purchase a co-driver seat in a super sports car. All funds are donated in full to the Children and Youth Program at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen Central Hospital – a program that CHGP has donated more than 3 million Danish Kroner to since 2010.

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Information about the artist: Martin Nielsen is an illustrator and graphic designer, educated at the Danish Design School. For the past 18 years, Martin Nielsen and his partner Charlotte Lund Nielsen have run their own design office (