Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix exhibits historic racecars at WAVES

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix exhibits historic racecars at WAVES

WAVES is one of Denmark’s largest shopping centers and during the month of May, the enormous shopping center located in south Greve to the south of Copenhagen, will focus on Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. As a preview of the historic race weekend, in Copenhagen during the first weekend of August, four unique racecars are being exhibited.

The four exhibition cars all represent their own exciting time period and offer a unique opportunity to closely study the technology from that time. From the early Formula Junior racers, constructed from a mix of spare parts in the period just after World War II, and despite that, the foundation was made for the Formula 1, the fast-paced Lotus Cortina racers, identical to that of His Royal Highness, Prince Joachim, who himself is joining the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

On May 18, in addition to experiencing the historical racing cars up close, visitors at WAVES can also experience the Super GT racing driver Mikkel C. Johansen tell more about the exhibited cars. It all happens between 13.00-16.00. At the same time, popcorn is served, and there is an opportunity to play racing games on PlayStation and win tickets for both CHGP and go karting at Power Racing in Herlev.

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