Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix launches user-friendly App for your smartphone

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix launches user-friendly App for your smartphone

There is a lot to keep track of when Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is held on August 3rd – 4th at Bellahøj Park in Copenhagen. In addition to the large number of historic motorsport classes that are in action several times over the weekend, there are also show races and the charity event “Race for Riget”. Besides the many features on the racetrack, CHGP consists of a huge exhibition area with a wide range of offers for the visitors. In addition to car and tradeshows, there are exciting family activities, food trucks, seating areas and many quirky, fun and crazy events that can entertain the audience. In other words, there is plenty to look at, at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

To help give you an overview, CHGP has developed a functional app for your smartphone. The new application can be used by anyone, hereby providing both the audience, the participants and people outside the event area with all relevant information at hand – quite literally.

User-friendliness has been a high priority during the development of the app, which has both a Danish and an English-language platform. As a user, you can quick and easily navigate between the menus, which contain virtually every conceivable information you need for the CHGP weekend.

You can of course also buy your tickets for CHGP via the app, just as the app is constantly updated with the latest news from the website. You can also use the app to find the best route to the event. The app contains information about closed streets and information about the special shuttle bus that runs between Flintholm Station and the event area. CHGP generally encourages all visitors to take public transportation to the event.

The app of course contains the latest updated program for the weekend races, and it is possible to see the results immediately after each heat directly on the phone. There is also an active map, where you can always see exactly where you are at Bellahøj Park, and thus more easily guide yourself as to where in the area you want to go. At the same time you can see the path to the nearest eating areas (food courts), toilets etc.

As an extra service, the app can be set to send push messages to the user with relevant information during the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. This allows you to ensure that you are updated with all relevant news and information throughout the event.

We hope you will welcome the new app, which can be downloaded directly from the App Store. Our new app is available on both Google Play & Apple App Store – search for CHGP.