DTC and V8 will roar again this summer at CHGP

DTC and V8 will roar again this summer at CHGP

Danish Thunder Sport Championship raced for the first time a championship-counting division, at last year’s CHGP in Copenhagen. There wasn’t much ”stiff british upper lip” or ”after you, sir” about the effort, that the  DTC-drivers showed off, when the lights were off and the cars were sent out on their first round onto Bellahojvej. Then it was all about becoming the first driver, to reach the FTZ-turn on Hvidkildevej and subsequently distance himself from the competitors, before the field turned left into the elf-turn onto Hulgårdsvej.

In their first appearance at Bellahoj Park, the total DTC field of over 20 cars presented drama, close racing and plenty of action to the great enthusiasm of the tens of thousands of spectators, who intensely followed from the grandstands around the more than two-kilometer street circuit.

In terms of size, the great American-inspired racing cars used in the DTC series, belong among the absolute biggest. But also the names in the field are among the largest.

And for this summer’s Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix the MASCOT DTC class races again a full championship-counting division, which provides a unique opportunity for a joyful reunion with racing stars such as Jan Magnussen and Casper Elgaard and also not least the young talents Kasper H. Jensen, Mikkel C. Johansen and more.

On a racetrack that is not surrounded by grass and sand traps, but concrete barriers, there is no room for mistakes. We already saw in 2015, that the field provided three exciting races with surprising overtaking and unfortunate clashes.

As Jan Magnussen said following: “It’s like racing in a gutter – but man it is great …”