Formula 1 in Copenhagen and at Bellahøj Park in 2018

Formula 1 in Copenhagen and at Bellahøj Park in 2018

Next summer, the international Formula 1-series, HGPCA, with more than 50 historic Formula 1-racing cars lining up on the grid, will visit Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

The scoop is genuine: In the summer of 2018, Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix will host the historic race class HGPCA, short for ”Historic Grand Prix Cars Association” , a collaboration of drivers and owners of historic Grand Prix racecars. Since 1979, members of the association have passionately strived to preserve and honor the wonderful Grand Prix racecars dating back to the two-seaters of the 1920s and all the way to the cigar-shaped single-seaters of the 1960s.

The last time, racecars from the glorious decades visited Denmark, was in the 50s and 60s at Roskilde Ring, as part of the new post-war era where the public’s interest in cars was huge. Roskilde Ring quickly gained international recognition. There were races in all sorts of classes, ranging from standard cars to Formula 1, and throughout the life span of the track people flocked to experience the iconic Formula-cars from Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, ERA, BRM, Cooper, Lotus and many more.

The historic Formula 1-series covers more than half a century of motorsports and the amazing cars display the impressive development in both design and craftsmanship. Often, more than 50 cars line up on the grid in two different groups; ”Pre-1961” and ”Pre1966” and each group is further divided into various classes. One of the more dramatic leaps in the development took place in the 1950s when the engine was moved and the construction of the racecars changed from a front-engine layout to center-engine, where the engine is placed in the middle of the car to ensure optimum weight-and-balance-distribution of the Formula-racer.

HGPCA is an international race series, which, in 2017, consisted of 11 races, including one official test day, at historic racetracks such as Silverstone in England, MagnyCours in France, Nürburgring in Germany, Zandvoort in Holland and Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. President of the series is British race star Sir Stirling Moss. Ever since the foundation in 1979, the series has grown significantly and it has more than 300 members today.

In 2017, Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix set new records with more racecars, more participants and more guests than ever before. A total of 38.180 people visited Bellahøj Park during the first weekend of August and they turned the classic Copenhagen sports event into a gorgeous historic motorsports weekend for the entire family.

CEO of CHGP, Jens Peter Lange states:  ”With the HGPCA confirming to join us in 2018 the event will be raised even further and a new historic dimension will be added to delight our guests and spectators. We have never experienced a class with such deep, historic roots and passion for the former Grand Prix cars in Copenhagen and we proudly look forward to show off the beautiful and extraordinary racecars of all the decades.  Along with the many other race classes and features, they will certainly make Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2018 an amazing event!”

Foto credit: Gerard Auriol