Full speed ahead for the participants’ registration prior to CHGP 2018. Two classes have already been fully booked!

Full speed ahead for the participants’ registration prior to CHGP 2018. Two classes have already been fully booked!

Only a few weeks after the official opening of the entry registration for Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2018, which will take place during the weekend of August 4th and 5th, and thus nearly 7 months prior to the major Copenhagen motorsports event, two race classes have already reached their limit – the historic pre-1965 class and the class covering the period from 1965 to 1971.

The 65-class, also known as the ”Sixtyfivers”, has experienced an overwhelming interest lately unlike in the past, where only few registered to participate in this class. Nikolaj E. Mortensen from MG Parts & Service in Copenhagen explains the positive development:

”Our class has returned to the grass roots, where the man behind the wheel fixes his own vehicle. In this way, he knows what dents in the car mean,” Nikolaj E. Mortensen says.

The concept of fair but close race has gathered major support among the enthusiasts of the class, who have now registered 36 cars of various types for Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2018.

”We consider the cars the real stars of the CHGP, and this year we will, once again, witness an impressive collection of historic race cars lining up, ranging from the iconic Ford GT to a Porsche 356 Le Mans and a Plymouth Barracuda”. Nikolaj E. Mortensen estimates the total value of the starting field at more than 50 million DKK!

The second class to report ”sold out” is the 71-class, which has become a single, united class in 2018. In this way, the screaming MGs, shrewish NSUs and air-cooled Fiat 500s equipped with Abarth-tuning will compete next to the more powerful engines of the BMW 2002s, Ford Escorts and the omnipresent Cortina models.

The huge and fast endorsement pleases the organization behind the CHGP as it has worked diligently to develop an exciting race program for the weekend. Besides even more historic classes, the audience will be able to experience the modern class, Danish Thundersport Championship, and the exciting and crowd-pleasing Royal Pro/Am.

Furthermore, for the first time ever, the international Formula-1 series, HGPCA, Historic Grand Prix Cars Association, will visit CHGP. No doubt that this will create loads of extra attention at Bellahøj Park.

Often, more than 50 cars line up at the grid in two different groups, ”Pre-1961” and ”Pre-1966”, each including various classes. The last time racecars from these mighty decades visited Denmark was in the 50s and 60s at Roskilde Ring during the post-war era where the interest in cars almost exploded.

Among the many skilled amateur drivers visiting CHGP this summer are Protector of Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, His Royal Highness Prince Joachim, and CHGP ambassador Tom Kristensen who also reports ready to race. The ninefold Le Mans Champion was recently admitted to the Hall of Fame as a tribute to and recognition of his impressive results during his extensive career within race sports. Today the sympathetic Dane is a role model and inspiration to the future race stars of Denmark.

As always, the spectators of CHGP 2018 will also be able to meet several Danish Le Mans drivers, and both the former Aston Martin World Champions, Marco Sørensen and Nicki Thiim, as well as the Danish Porsche driver Michael Christensen will pull on the driver’s suit for this year’s Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

See the impressive list of all the participants of the two sold-out classes here: