Kris Nissen makes his comeback in MASCOT DTC and can be experienced at CHGP this summer

Kris Nissen makes his comeback in MASCOT DTC and can be experienced at CHGP this summer

The former Volkswagen Motorsports Director makes his unexpected comeback in Danish motorsports.

In 1999 Kris Nissen was in his very first DTC-season. Previously he had won two Danish and one German championship. Furthermore, he was very close to a Formel 1 debut, when he was testing for Zakspeed and Sauber. Since then he created, as the Director of Volkswagen Motorsports, the success in Dakar Rally for the German manufacturer.

Finally after a long time of searching The Danish team Massive Motorsport found the man, who was going to replace the team manager Casper Elgaard’s seat in one of the team’s cars at this year’s DTC Championship. The choice is surprising, since this season will be a comeback for the 56 year old Kris Nissen, who is one of the Danish motorsports biggest icons.

”It’s a funny way how we came to an agreement. Casper Elgaard asked my advice about a new driver for the team. I replied “I’m taking the seat” and he took me by my word. After 15 years I am a little rusty and there are a lot of practice and training tasks in front of me to become physically and technically ready and on the same level as the other drivers in DTC” says Kris Nissen.

Kris Nissen is currently at the first DTC test on the Misano track in Italy, where he and Massive Motorsports first driver – the defending DTC-champion Kasper H. Jensen – are testing the teams two DTC-racers.

“Getting Kris Nissen on the team is like fulfilling a dream, I have never thought. He is one of my two biggest idols in motorsports, the other one is Ayrton Senna. I was only 8 years old, when I was on a track in Germany watching Kris win the German Formel 3 championship” explains Casper Elgaard about the surprising news.

With Kris Nissen back in the top of Danish Motorsports, the audience at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix will get another famous racing driver to keep their eye on. Again this year the DTC-series is having a championship counting division, at the traditional street race in Copenhagen on August 5th and 6th 2017.