Land Rover and Jaguar at CHGP 2017

Land Rover and Jaguar at CHGP 2017

In connection with the summer’s CHGP, the Danish Land Rover importer establishes a very special off-road track, where you can get a free ride.

In addition to motor races in many historical and modern classes, the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix also features a large family area with exciting activities and exhibits with cars, equipment and much more. One of the exhibitors is British Car Import A / S, who manages the Land Rover and Jaguar brands in Denmark.

Besides the exhibition of the different new Land Rover and Jaguar models, there will be an exceptional chance to experience Land Rover Experience.

Land Rover Experience – abbreviated LRE – is a mobile terrain track which is created to give the guests a true feeling of the driving performance of a Land Rover. Artificially made obstacles give a real experience of a Land Rover without driving through mud, water and in general difficult terrain.

The mobile terrain consists of three obstacles which are made especially for the Land Rover Experience to show how advanced the Land Rovers models are and how the assist systems work. The track consists of the following elements:

Wheel hiking: Here the car comes through an obstacle where 2 of the car’s wheels will be off the ground.

Trailer ramp: The car drive up a steep incline and then down again. The incline does not look like much when viewed as a spectator, but the sensation and experience of the obstacle from the car’s cabin will be quite different.

Side slope: the car drives up a ramp, where two of the cars wheels touch the ramp and the last two touch the ground.

There will be instructors at the terrain track as well as behind the steering wheel. Anyone, who wants to take a ride through the obstacles, has the opportunity. The guests will not be able to drive the cars themselves, but it’s completely free to experience Land Rover Experience.