You are currently viewing Le Mans-participant Michelle Gatting races Super-GT at CHGP
Michelle participated last time at CHGP in 2017.

Le Mans-participant Michelle Gatting races Super-GT at CHGP

The Danish female racecar driver Michelle Gatting, who has just returned home after a successful debut at Le Mans, is once again guest driver at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

There will be prominent guest performances in the Super GT class when the modern racing series at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is visited by Michelle Gatting. The Danish female racing driver has previously raced at CHGP and the highlight came in 2016, when Michelle Gatting became the first woman to ever win one of the preliminary qualifying heats in the DTC race, before she finished at a remarkable second place in the final.

For this summer’s Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, held on August 3rd – 4th at Bellahøj Park, Michelle Gatting will be guest driver in the Super GT series, which will take part in the Copenhagen race event for the first time. Over the past four seasons, the Super GT has become known for offering races with high entertainment, dense duels and lots of drama and the series promoter expects more than 20 cars to start in the streets of Copenhagen.

Michelle Gatting’s participation in the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix has become a reality in collaboration with Andersen Cars, which in 2018 also contributed to Michelle Gatting being present in Copenhagen.

Partner in Andersen Cars, Martin Frykmann says; “We are extremely satisfied with being able to participate in the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix again and the joy will only be greater when this year it is once again with Michelle Gatting, whose talent no one ever doubts. Like last year, our presence in Copenhagen has become possible thanks to the great support of our close partners, and we look forward to welcoming many guests in our own event area, where there will be an opportunity to enjoy a weekend with hopefully really good motor racing and entertainment.”

The fast-paced Super GT series is not unknown territory for Michelle Gatting, who ran a full season in the series last year and was definitely one of the leading drivers in the field. In the current season, Michelle Gatting is affiliated with the Swiss racing team Kessel Racing, which will start in the European Le Mans series (ELMS), but on a brief note, she will bring the race suit to Copenhagen.

“I look forward to starting in Copenhagen again,” says Michelle Gatting. “Even though it has been a fantastic season with a second place in our ELMS debut and an incredible experience at Le Mans, I am looking forward to coming back to CHGP and race in front of a large Danish audience. I am very grateful that Andersen Cars and their partners have created the opportunity for us to, once again participate in this unique city race. The Super GT series has only become even better and stronger this year and I expect that the fast racecar will fit in perfectly on the streets around Bellahøj. ”

With her as guest at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, Michelle Gatting has invited the female boxer Dina Thorslund. As a professional sports athlete in a normally male-dominated world, the two women have a lot in common. Michelle Gatting was present in Herning when Dina Thorslund recently defended her World Championship title at WBO in both hard-hitting and convincing style. The victory was number 14 in the career of Dina Thorslund in just as many matches since her professional career began in 2015. However, at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, Dina Thorslund packs her boxing gloves away in order to instead experience Michelle Gatting, when she lets her driving gloves speak.