Legend Cup again to start at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

Legend Cup again to start at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

The Legend Cup class has previously participated at CHGP. To great excitement for spectators, TV-viewers and other with the possibility of seeing for themselves this entertaining race series.  Legend Cup is exciting racing; which contains close position battles and numerous placements shifts from the first turn and all the way up until the checkered winner flag is waved. And the first time you see the colorful. Legend racers in action, you can’t avoid being fascinated by the class’ tight racing and high entertainment value.

Legend Cup started back in 2009, but in just a few years the class has grown with the same explosiveness, as the dramatic racing that this class’ participants deliver. At first glance, the nostalgic looking race cars look like the regular cars from the Al Capone years in the 1930’s in USA – only without the bootleg alcohol and Tommy guns. But do not be mistaken – A Legend racer is built for one purpose alone, and that is to be a racecar.

The racer is constructed with a tubular frame chassis and a safety cage and the minimalistic race car in 5/8-part size is also equipped with a very easy revolving motorcycle engine and a sequential gearbox with six shifts. The body is in glass fiber and there are eight different designs, which all look like American car models from the 1930’s. The engine, which is picked up from the Japanese Yamaha, is at 1.200 cm3 and gives about 130 hk. As a Legend Cup only weighs in at approximately 600 kilos including driver, the performances are outstanding.

The acceleration is quick and constant and the drivers dynamic focused on entertainment. That’s why a Legend Cup has rear-wheel drive, because it needs to be driven with a little override to be really fast. It is not only incredible fun for those participating in the race, but it is also crazy and spectacular racing for us as spectators.

In connection with Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix the OK Mobil 1 Legend Cup will race a division counting towards the championship consisting of both timing and race heats. The starting position for the first heat is found based on the previous timing, where in order to increase the entertainment value, they switch the 20 fastest. That means that the fastest Legend Cup-driver starts as number 20, the second fastest as number 19 and so on, while the 20th fastest Legend Cup-driver i starting in pole-position. But since they are assigning championship points in both timing and all three heats, it is risky strategy to aim for a spot in the front row.

To get on the podium takes plenty of passes and that is the kind of racing Legend Cup is known for.