Participants travel 18.000 km to race at CHGP

Participants travel 18.000 km to race at CHGP

During the first weekend of August, when Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix takes place, participants from all over the World come to race in their historic racecars.

The historic Formula 1-series HGPCA will not be the only Formula class when Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix kicks off the 18th historic motorsports race in Copenhagen during the weekend of August 4th and 5th. According to tradition, the exciting Formula Junior class will visit the family event in Copenhagen and bring drivers from places as far away from home as Australia and New Zealand.

Formula Junior was developed during the post-WW2 years and was a showcase for Formula 1 with lower budgets and thus a more folksy approach to the sport. The philosophy was a competitive feeder class where young, ambitious race drivers could show their talents in direct combat on skills and not economy. During the post-war era, this was exactly what international motorsports had been longing for. In these years, people raced in anything that had survived the devastating war. In the middle of the 1950s, an Italian Count named Johnny Lurani initiated the Junior class as a cheap showcase for Formula 1. Formula Junior immediately gained major success among talented drivers heading for the Formula 1. Drivers such as Jim Clark, John Surtes, Jochen Rindt, Mike Spencer, Graf Wolfgang Von Trips, Gerhard Mitter and Lorenzo Bandini have all participated in nerve-wrecking Formula Junior races.

Unfortunately, the success of the Formula Junior led to its end. During the beginning of the 1960s, Formula Junior was the only alternative to Formula 1. The expenses increased which forced the skilled amateur drivers to stop.

In an attempt to spread the numerous Formula 1 candidates among more racing classes, FIA introduced Formula 2 and Formula 3 in 1964. Formula 2 allowed racing-designed engines and aimed at the next generation Formula 1 drivers whereas Formula 3 was a weak version of Formula Junior for amateurs and race drivers whose career had not yet jumpstarted.  The deathblow came a few years later, when the two Formula classes, Formula Ford and Formula Vee, based on the same philosophy as Formula Junior, emerged. Formula Junior lost its importance as feeding grounds for the bigger classes and transferred to Historic Motorsports, where Formula Junior remains very popular to this very day.

The Formula Junior-class was first part of Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix in 2013 and it turned out to be an amazing experience. The small single seaters are faster and create more engine music than expected and the competition to deliver the best results at Bellahøj Park is fierce.

Besides Formula Junior and the historic Formula 1-series, you will be able to experience several of the most popular, historic racing classes as well as the entertaining Legend Car Cup and the modern DTC series, driving a valid championship division at CHGP. There will be racing all day, both on Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, we invite you to experience the extensive activity- and family area, containing exhibitions and food stalls.

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