See ”The Magnussen Family” and Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2016

See ”The Magnussen Family” and Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2016

If you did not catch this week’s episode of the Danish documentary “The Magnussen Family”, you have the opportunity to watch it again online. This week’s episode shows Jan Magnussen racing at Bellahøj Park for CHGP 2016.

‘The Magnussen Family’ is the name of a new Danish documentary, which lets the viewers get close to Jan Magnussen and his family. The series consists of five episodes and it premiered in the beginning of February on the Danish TV channel “Kanal 5”.

In the second episode, which was shown on February 15th, we follow Jan Magnussen and his team Magnussen Racing Experience, lining up to start in the DTC Race at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix last year.

The classic Copenhagen event is not unknown to Jan Magnussen, who for a long time has been an audience-favorite both through his participation in the Royal Pro / Am race, as well as through his involvement in the chrity race “Race for Riget”. The popular Danish racing star is an invaluable support and ambassador for the charity race “Race for Riget”, where the funds gathered is donated to the Children Youth Program at the City hospital.

In ‘The Magnussen Family’ you will also meet a number of people, who in one way or another play a crucial role for Jan Magnussen’s career and projects. It includes anyone from childhood friends, mechanics and engineers to the closest family – wife Christina and the children Luca and Millie, who have long been accustomed to a life with traveling to the world’s racetracks.

“It’s a documentary that depicts a slightly different family life, where motorsport is the focal point. Some people may be shocked by the things we have put on hold, but that’s the conditions in our world, “explains Jan Magnussen in the program.

Furthermore, the documentary is an opportunity to show the viewers, about the life behind the scenes and provide insight into the family, which is deeply involved in motorsports.

Watch the episodes of “The Magnussen Family” on “Kanal 5”: