Sign up for the MC show race at CHGP

Sign up for the MC show race at CHGP

The show with historical motorcycles is a repeating success at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, and as usual they are invited to join CHGP in 2017.

The contrasts meet in a classic road racing which is once again on the program again this summer at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

It is RRKV and DMU, who jointly with CHGP is arranging a historic motorcycle event, and is in charge of the details of the MC motor show at Bellahøj Park during the August 5th to 6th race.

Just like previous years, RRKV is establishing a paddock area at C3 at Bellahøj Park along with an exhibit area for the many participating historical motorcycles. The Bellahøj Park paddock is an open area and is especially popular among the audience, because they can get close to the mechanics and have a talk with the drivers, who like to share their histories.

Here at CHGP, the historic machines run in a showcase with pairs of two mastering drivers on modern motorcycles. But after the first round, the master drivers leave the field and pull in the pitm, giving the other drivers the opportunity to really hit the gas and massage the ear drums. Normally, Classic machines are divided into classes by period, engine size and configuration, but here everyone is on the track at the same time.

And notice how different the engine sounds when the throttles are wide open. When the big twins come rushing, you would think that a squadron of airplane bombers were getting on the wings. More crispiness and more rotations are in the 3-cylinder 750s. And more odd is the sharp sum of the 2-tact expansion muffler  – which in turn range from 50 cubic to the powerful Suzuki RG 500 with their four-cylinder in square formation, which were 500 GP World Championships in the early 80’s .

The sense of smell is also stimulated a little extra with the oil burners, because here the vegetable engine oil is mixed in with the gasoline, so the Total perfume hangs close into the air.

Participants can arrive at Bellahøj from Thursday afternoon at. 15:00 until Friday evening (22:00). The vehicles can be driven away from Sunday evening approx. pm. 18:00 or when the last race has finished.

There are four shows in total at CHGP and you can follow the link to sign up: