The City of Copenhagen approves the expansion of the track for the annual Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

The City of Copenhagen approves the expansion of the track for the annual Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

The track around Bellahøj Park can be expanded to international length after the city’s approval. 

The plan is to establish a championship race with historical Formula 1-cars already in 2018.

It is with great pleasure that the organizers behind Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix received the approval from the city of Copenhagen which allowed them to expand the track around Bellahøj Park. The close to 2.4 km track will be established in the first weekend of August, when Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix celebrates the annual recurring family event for classic motor races in the heart of Copenhagen.

Since 1996 where historical racing in the streets of Copenhagen first started, the event has expanded both in the numbers of participants as well as the number of spectators. Since the start in 1996 in front of “Christiansborg Slotsplads” and later on at the abandoned military area on Holmen, then through “Fælledparken” and today at Bellahøj Park, where Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix for the fifth time in a row will welcome you to a speed fest, the event has shown its unique character and grown immensely in size.

The Managing Director of Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, Jens Peter Lange, comments: “It is with great enthusiasm that we have found that the City of Copenhagen and the subsequent the Technical and Environmental Committee have approved our request for a track extension. An extension of the existing track means that the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix will have the opportunity to hold motor races of international format and approval. ”

In the works is a championship race in the European Series of historical Formula 1-cars, which also has race divisions at major international motorsports such as Silverstone in England and Nürburgring in.Germany.

“The fact that the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix now offers a race track with international measurements, opens up to many exciting possibilities and new race classes that can join the summer’s event. Compared to the current program with several historical motorsport classes and the Danish MASCOT DTC series, where new talents race against the best Danish racing drivers, it will now be possible to develop the entire motorsport event and thereby attract further attention from guests and spectators, “concludes Jens Peter. Lange.





Over the past couple of years Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix has experienced an increase in the number of spectators now attracting than 33.500 car enthusiasts at Bellahøj Park in 2016 and this – together with the TV and press coverage – gives Copenhagen a unique and different opportunity to achieve lots of visibility as a visionary city full of culture. Furthermore races of international standards will enhance this effect, when the eyes of motorsport in Europe are pointed to Copenhagen.

In the organization behind the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix there is no doubt that the cooperation with the local community has a high priority. Therefore they have an employee whose only focus area is to have a dialogue with the residents and companies in the local community. The track expansion of Bellahøj Park takes place in a stretch of road where the nuisance for residents and traffic is at a minimum and it is estimated that there will be no further effects. .