The increasingly popular Sixty-Fivers class is sold out for CHGP 2017
CHGP 2015 ; ©ørgaard-foto

The increasingly popular Sixty-Fivers class is sold out for CHGP 2017

Already now, six months before the big summer classic event in Copenhagen, we can report that the “ / Historic race cars up to 1965” class is sold out.

For this year’s Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, which is held on the weekend of  August 5th and 6th at Bellahøj Park, the 1965 class has reached maximum capacity on the 2,6 kilometers long race trackt, and therefore the class representatives are now working on a waiting list.

The class has in recent years experienced an overwhelming enrollment of drivers unlike before, where the interest for participation in this class has been scarce. Behind the positive development is Nicholas E. Mortensen from MG Parts & Service in Nørrebro in Copenhagen and driver with, who himself have been trapped by other competitors in the 65 class, who wouldn’t always consider the safety of their class colleagues.

And when the CHGP-management team then announced that the class was cancelled for Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2015 due to low enrollment, Nicholas E. Mortensen took matters into his own hands in hand. He gave CHGP an offer they could not refuse.

“I asked if they would hold a race for the 65 class, if I could gather 36 cars. They agreed. In return, I assured myself that I could vouch for all participants “, explains Nicholas E. Mortensen about his strategy.

“We would like to return to the grassroots, where the man behind the wheel has messed with the car, so he knows what it means when there are dents in the car, and then you drive in a different way. Absolutely no dents probably can’t be achieved, but we will simply not see inconsiderate driving on the track, then you are excluded, “explains Nicholas E. Mortensen. That attitude has gotten a wide support among the class enthusiasts, which has now been filled by 36 cars of many different types for Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2017.

Besides the approach to have a fair but close race, the Sixty-fivers team has worked hard to create an international starting group with riders from no less than 7 different countries, including multiple European champions, Goodwood winners, Spa Six Hours participants and Danish champions.

“With us it is however the cars who are the stars, and we’ve worked intensely on getting some special cars to the race”, explains Nikolaj Mortensen.

Here we can mention the iconic Ford GT40, Porsche 904 and Ginetta G4R, but our group has also been enriched by particularly the MG Midget Coupe, which Reine Wisell drove at Roskilde Ring in 1965, not to mention a Marcos GT, who drove at Le Mans in 1968, just to name a few of the fine and extremely exotic cars that can be experienced at this year’s CHGP, mentions Nicholas E. Mortensen.

Among the GT cars (Gran Turismo) there are of course several BMC models, including TC-cars (Touring Cars) like the Ford Cortina and Mustang and among GTP (Gran Turismo Prototype) there are a couple of Ford GT40. Large and small racing cars, drive a close race on the track, and subsequent cozy up with interesting stories in the paddock.

We all come with plenty of excitement for both our own class and CHGP, which we hope will rub off on the experience that the crowd gets both on and off the track. We need to have fun, we should enjoy ourselves, and so we want to show off our cars, Nicholas E. Mortensen ends, not even sure which car he himself will be participating with during the year.

See the impressive list of who are registered here: