The large 71-class is sold out – but we still have a few spots left in the small 71

The large 71-class is sold out – but we still have a few spots left in the small 71

It is with great enthusiasm, that Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is feeling the interest for the participants prior to this year’s Copenhagen event during the weekend of July 30th and 31st. .

The class for historic cars up to 1965 was sold out long ago, and now another historic race class is announcing full house.

It is the case of class D ”Historic cars (Touring/GT) up to 1971, over 1.300 cm3”, where we see a race in powerful engine cars such as BMW 2002, Ford Escort BDA and the popular Ford Lotus Cortina.

A class that is entirely in line with the many other historic car classes, which also participate in CHGP is known to provide exciting and very fascinating racing with many overtaking maneuvers and tight duels.

Although the great 1971 class is sold out, there are still a few places left in the small 71-class where the engine size may not exceed 1,300 cm3.

It is true that cars in this class have small engines and therefore don’t possess the most impressive horsepower level seen with today’s eyes, but there is still a lot of speed and lots of drama.

In the small 71-class, we have previously enjoyed a unique, large and wide field of racing models like Fiat Abarth, Mini Cooper S, the Ford Anglia, Hillman Imp and NSU 1200 TT.

It is thought provoking that many of the participating brands no longer exist or have been merged with others. Sunbeam and NSU are gone, while the rights to the Austin brand became part of British Leyland and today belong to the Chinese-owned Rover – after a transition of having been in German hands at the BMW Group.

On the challenging Bellahoj Park racetrack, the small and light race cars perform better than you’d think. Times are not far from more modern racers with much larger engines, and traditionally the class C is where you often see changing positions. The cars are basically just as fast, so it’s the driver’s courage and abilities, it depends on.

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