The preliminary timetable for CHGP reveals lots of historic racing

The preliminary timetable for CHGP reveals lots of historic racing

We will, quite literally, see motorsports from dawn till dusk when Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix hosts the historic motorsports weekend for the entire family at Bellahøj Park this August.

On both Saturday and Sunday, the first racecars will hit the asphalt at 8.30 a.m. The racing continues until 18.10 Saturday evening, whereas the last final on Sunday is expected to see the checker flag at 17.50.

The first cars on the track Saturday morning is the class representing historic cars up until 1971 for fifteen minutes of free training. After that, the morning continues with training slots for all participating historic classes as well as Legends Cup and the modern DTC series. The audience will also have the opportunity to experience the newest race classes of the weekend, HGPCA, Historic Grand Prix Cars Association, twice before noon, which – undoubtedly – will generate lots of extra attention at Bellahøj Park. The international Formula 1-series often presents more than 50 cars at the starting line in two different groups – the “Pre-1961” and the “Pre-1966”. Another popular racing class among the audience is the Royal Pro/Am – pairing a professional race driver with an enthusiastic and skilled amateur in his or her racecar. Royal Pro/Am takes place on both Saturday and Sunday.

After the training sessions have ended, and just before the first heat commences at 13.40, the audience will have the opportunity to purchase a ride in the passenger seat of a racecar in “Race for Charity”. All funds collected will be donated in full to the Children and Youth Program at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen General Hospital. The last heat Saturday afternoon will be the class of historic racecars up until 1986. They will cross the finishing line around 18.10.

The best of it all? On Sunday morning, all classes continue racing until they reach the finals in the afternoon.

In between the many race classes and exciting events on the asphalt a large exhibition and entertainment area invites the audience to come see the newest cars and equipment as well as to experience tons of fun for both children and adults.