The Super League comes to Bellahøj

The Super League comes to Bellahøj

It is some of the country’s best racers, who will come to Bellahoj Park at this year’s edition of the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. Just as in 2015, there will be races for full championship points for MASCOT DTC series in Copenhagen.

If you don’t want to settle for seeing today’s stars, but also the ones of tomorrow, you need to focus on the MASCOT Danish Thunder Sport Championship. This is where the likes of Jan Magnussen, Ronnie Bremer and Casper Elgaard has struggled screen from the screen for years, but it is also here that the young talents have started to turn their names stuck.

This is where people like Jan Magnussen, Ronnie Bremer and Casper Elgaard has struggled bumper to bumper for years, but it is also here that the young talents have started making a name for themselves.

Let take an example. Nicolai Sylvest. Last year he was a debutant at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. Together with daddy Jesper – who as the only one has been a champion races in the last century – he was last year to start in the Pro-Am field, and he gave pros like Tom Kristensen and Dindo Capello a fight until the technique in the family’s Lotus Cortina failed..

This year, Nicolai Sylvest has suddenly also been found in the DTC, where he with short notice made his debut at Massive Motorsport as a stand-in for the 2013 champion Dennis Lind. And he did it fabulously.

So has a number of the new generation of DTC drivers too. Take Frederik Schandorff and Kasper H. Jensen. The two young lions, who like Nicolai Sylvest have also raced karts and raced in the talent classes abroad, has been snapped up by Team Flex Lease / AD Racing that has John Nielsen as team leader.

With the experienced fox – who, despite his many successes never got a DTC title on his long resume – as the crankshaft, a team has been created which in its only second season in the class, has become a strong player. The team is in second place after Magnussen Racing Experience in the battle for the team championship after the last race at Ring Djursland, where Team Flex Lease / AD Racing took its first 1-2 win in a final.

“It was a fantastic weekend. Far better than we dared dream of, although expectations were certainly high, “said the team owner Martin Frederiksen immediately after the results came in.

Both Casper Elgaard and Jan Magnussen were not much for admitting, that they met their match. But their performance and driving on the track stated it clearly.

Casper Elgaard – who cleaned out at the DTC-class premiere last year at Bellahøj Park – was for once clearly not competition fit, while Jan Magnussen was not quick enough. And frustrated. The frustrations started at the important qualifying, where he was beaten by Kasper H. Jensen, and an hour later he had to find the right grimace as he in front of the television screen saw his son Kevin race his yellow Renault into the concrete at the Canadian Grand Prix.

And the frustrations continued for Jan Magnussen, who first couldn’t find a way around Kasper H. Jensen and later chose to drive to the pit, when his car didn’t function properly after a run-in with Frederik Schandorff.

It does not change the fact, that, Jan Magnussen is the king of city tracks. Every single DTC-race, which has been located on the city streets around the memorial park in Aarhus, has been won by Big Mag. But CHGP has been a whole new situation. Last year he was unfortunate. Was involved in a collision, when the field turned from Bellahøjvej onto Hvidkildevej, and then the track was open for not just one, but three victories for Casper Elgaard.

That it has been a single driver who has dominated the individual street racing weekends, is related to the fact that in  Aarhus and Copenhagen, the traditional DTC-Class has been settled differently. When driving at FDM Jyllands Ringen or Ring Djursland, you let the eight top finishers from the first race start in reverse in the second heat. To avoid damage, it has thus far not been the case at Bellahøj Park.

Meanwhile, it went beyond all expectations at this year’s Classic Race Aarhus, and therefore the organization behind MASCOT DTC series has decided that CHGP should use the original regulations.

And that you can look forward to.

The drivers from MASCOT DTC is in fact known to fight for every spot – whether it is the lead or eighth place.
CHGP is the fourth of seven departments in this year’s championship, and it is now that the battle really commences.

Jan Magnussen knows this better than anyone. He leads the table, but is only six points ahead – the equivalent to the value of a twelfth place in a race – to Kasper H. Jensen. And since he has other obligations that prevent him from starting at the GP Denmark in four weeks, we will definitely see a Big Mag on the offensive side on the blocked roads at Bellahøj.