There wouldn’t be any race without the volunteers. Roughly speaking.

There wouldn’t be any race without the volunteers. Roughly speaking.

Because like the fuel in an engine, the volunteers play an essential role, when more than 250 race drivers and more than 30.000 spectators gather to watch the classic race at Bellahøj Park during the first weekend of August. Since CHGP started in 1996 the event has completed 16 successful seasons and a big part of the credit goes to the effective and competent crew of volunteers.

The volunteers can be spotted easily as they wear red polo shirts with the CHGP logo on the chest. They kindly greet the guests and spectators at the entrance, check tickets at the grand stands, provide catering at food stations and handle countless other small, medium and large tasks. The hundreds of volunteers are an essential part in the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.
They are taking good care of the guests. They welcome the guests and the audiences at the entrance, controlling tickets at the tribunes, provide catering and handle a lot of other different tasks. The team consists of more than hundred volunteers, who are an essential part of Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

It is also the also the volunteers who build the 2.4-kilometer race track and take it down again. And following the construction work of the racing track at Bellahøj Park is fascinating. In just one week, about 50 volunteering enthusiasts build the racetrack with area fences, safety fences,  concrete blocks, deck barriers and waterwalls. 4 bridges must be established so the spectators can get over the track when they go in and see the race. Booths with food and drink and restaurants are set up for those who want to sit down. And there are toilets galore. Miles and miles of power cable are laid down, so there is power for everyone. Grand Stands are set up with sound systems and big screens. Tents are raised for exhibitors, drivers and sponsors. Signs are put up, and not to mention track banner advertisements that are part of the economic basis of the event. When it’s all over Sunday evening, and the checkered race flag has been waved for the last time, it takes just two days for the volunteers to disassemble all the glory again.

Every year Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix attracts between 500-600 volunteers, who help in different working areas/categories and have different responsibilities among others; the track builders, logistics, information, event service and CHGP secretariat.

We hope to see you at CHGP!