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World ETCR-race series premieres at CHGP 2020

World history is written when World ETCR participates in Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix from August 1st to 2nd this summer. The series consists of 100% electric race cars equipped with 680 hp and a maximum speed of 270 km/h.

The audience will be witnessing a World premiere within international motorsports during the first weekend of August, when this summer’s version of Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix takes place. In addition to the many historic motorsports’ classes, traditionally present at the Copenhagen event, the brand-new World ETCR will be driving the second race of its debut season at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. The series opens at a grand promotion event in connection with the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the beginning of July.

In the premiere season, World ETCR will consist of four brands and 16 international top drivers. The four brands are Cupra (Seat), MG, Hyundai and Alfa Romeo, and a race weekend consists of a number of sprint races leading to semi-finals and, eventually, to finals – one for the 8 winners of the semi-finals and one for the remaining 8 drivers.

ETCR is the World’s first electric race series for standard cars. The ETCR-series is open to cars with a four- or five-door body, similar to the TCR-series, where the car is driven by a traditional internal combustion engine. But contrary to the use of fossil fuel in the TCR-racer, the ETCR-racer is a 100 % electric race car. All cars in the series utilise the same driveline, developed by WSC Technology and they have one gear and a rear-wheel driven transmission. The battery package has a capacity of 65 kWh and is delivered together with gearbox, power converters and 4 electric engines, ensuring equal performance in all racers regardless of brand.

The battery package alone is worth taking a closer look at due to its technological and innovative design and abilities. It consists of no less than 6.072 batteries, delivering a combined output of 680 hp and up to 500 kW power-boost in up to 10 seconds. To put this into perspective – the ETCR-racer accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 3,2 seconds, and the top speed is of impressive 270 km/h. Despite the huge speed potential, the batteries are able to deliver electric power for 40 kilometres of full-speed racing.

ETCR is a brand-new race-concept, that will open the doors to a new driving experience and a new definition of motorsports. At the same time, the race car is a huge step into the future. For instance, the normal wing mirrors have been replaced by small mini cameras reducing the air resistance. Furthermore, the driver can monitor everything that happens around the car from an integrated screen on the dashboard, and from another pressure-sensitive screen, relevant data on the car’s electric system and performance can be monitored and sent – in real-time – to the engineers in the pit garage. Jac Nellemann, Promotor for Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, says: ”We have a real World-news item coming to our historic race in Copenhagen this August, which – once again – adds to the amazing story of motorsports displayed at our event. Not only will we be seeing the race car of the future at CHGP this year. The participation of the ETCR-series also underlines the recognition and status that CHGP has accomplished both nationally, but certainly also internationally. We are very proud that the organisation the ETCR has chosen Copenhagen as the place where the races of the future will be driven and we are certain that the sporting entertainment on the track will reach great, new levels this year.” Further information: Press coordinator for Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix: Thomas Wulff, Mail:, Telephone: +45 31 34 01 04