Royal Pro / Am

One of the major attractions at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is ​​the Royal Pro / Am race, where the Danish Le Mans stars Tom K, Nicki Thiim and Marco Sørensen from the Danish car and many others share a car with a so-called amateur. Driving straight to the border, here is a guarantee of a good race.

Number Participant Pro/Am Brand Model Start no.
1 Dindo Capello Pro Ford Lotus Cortina 65
H.K.H. Prins Joachim Am
2 Tom Kristensen Pro Ford Lotus Cortina 56
Martin Berner Am
3 Frank Biela Pro Ford Lotus Cortina 71
Oscar Davidsen Siesbye Am
4 Max Klindby-Silver Pro Austin A40 Countryman 84
Nikolaj E. Mortensen Am
5 Nanna Hald Gøtsche Pro Volvo 122 S 76
Lars Leed Am
6 Martin Hald Gøtsche Pro Volvo 122 S 78
Nikolaj Leed Am
7 Nicolaj Sylvest Pro Ford Lotus Cortina 99
Jesper Sylvest Am
8 Erik Høyer Pro Ford Escort MK1 RS 2000 3
Benny Rasmussen Am
9 Lars Kern Pro Porsche 911 2.0 SWB 90
Andreas Rolner Am
10 Michael Holden Pro Porsche 911 2.0 SWB 87
Lars Rolner Am
11 Kasper H. Jensen Pro Ford Lotus Cortina 27
Casper Elgaard Am
12 David von Schinkel Pro Porsche 911 7
Roger Samuelsson Am
13 Stig Blomqvist Pro Porsche 911 70
Christer Johansson Am
14 Lasse Sørensen Pro Ford Lotus Cortina 95
Jan Struve Am
15 Mikkel Mac Pro Porsche 911 62
Jesper Blom Am
17 Johan Schwartz Pro Lotus Cortina TBA