The class of standard cars from 1971-1990 is a great mix of two decades’ most inspiring car models. It may seem a bit confusing that sports cars are also represented, but the two-seater sports cars are a wonderful supplement in an exciting class.

Start no. Participant Race Club Car make Car model Year
35 Kore Berg MCO Ford Escort RS2000 MK1 1974
473 Tommy Dam Kieffer HMS Toyota Starlet 1983
49 Søren Bøgeskov RAS Volvo 240 Turbo 1983
222 Tommy Olsen HMS Porsche 911 1976
96 Morten Habekost HMS Porsche 924 Carrera GT 1980
2 Pieter Bikker HMS BMW 325i 1988
48 Morten Eriksen AAS Opel Kadett GT/E 1978
17 Niels Davisen HMS Porsche 911 1975
240 Bjørn Larsen ASKH Volvo 240 Turbo 1984