Press Guidelines


Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

Press Guidelines

Wearing a press vest, journalist and photographs are welcome to attend and witness CHGP at Bellahøj Park the 4th and 5th of August 2018. The prerequisite for borrowing a press vest is that your presence is approved by CHGP.

The press vest gives access to specific areas. This year we have tried to create better conditions for the press with lifted plateau’s and openings in the fence. Within the track area, carriers of the press vest:

  • Have to meet the instructions from CHGP’s officials
  • May not cross the track during training, qualification or heats
  • May not be placed on the track by the crash barriers or exit zones
  • Shall seek consultance from the officials when in doubt

If these rules are not complied with, CHGP will confiscate the press vest and your press rights as well as you will be expelled from the CHGP area immediately.

Carriers of the press vests cannot claim compensation for damage or injury to their person or property caused by the participants of the race, organizers or the officials.

Any damage or injury the you may cause against third persons life or property, is unauthorized to CHGP.

Press vests may not be handed to others and need to be returned when you leave the area. If you do not return your press vest, you will be charged 500 DKK.

We hope that you understand these rules, which have been developed to give the press a better and safer experience at this year’s CHGP.

We wish all of you welcome to this year’s CHGP. We are looking forward seeing you and hope that you will have a fantastic weekend at Bellahøj Park!

Yours sincerly

Alexander Kadijevic
Press officer