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CHGP 2021 is open as follows:

Saturday August 7th  (8am – 8pm)

Sunday August 8th  (8am – 8pm)

A valid ticket is necessary for entering CHGP.

All tickets will be exchanged to BRACELETS when entering CHGP, as the various types of bracelets illustrate the different ticket categories.

There are four entrances, and a ticket office at each of these entrances.

Entrance NORD (North)
Entrance NORD is located on Borups Allé near Frederikssundsvej.

Entrance ØST (East)
Entrance ØST is located on the corner of Borups Allé and Hulgårdsvej.

Entrance SYD (South)
Entrance SYD is located on the corner of Hulgårdsvej and Hvidkildevej.
At entrance SYD you will also find the CHGP INFOTENT.

Entrance VEST (West)
Entrance VEST is located on the corner of Hvidkildevej and Bellahøjvej.


You can save up till 100 DKK when purchasing on presale.

It’s possible to buy tickets at chgp.dk/tickets 

When buying your tickets through ticketmaster

you have to pay an administration fee of 25 DKK per ticket. When using ticketmaster, you can choose a print@home service.

Children under 14 years old get FREE ENTRANCE in companionship with a ticket holding adult.
OBS! Maximum 5 children per ticket holding adult.


Here you have the unique opportunity to experience many exciting classic cars from different decades. Historic Car Park is not just a parking lot for the classic vehicles. The exhibited cars can also be the lucky winner and take home a trophy in different exciting categories. The area is both an attraction for CHGP guests and random people walking by, who can get a taste of what’s going on behind the fence.
FREE parking if you arrive in a vehicle, which is registered before December 31st 1993.
The area is free for all, both CHGP guests and outsiders. And as mentioned FREE parking if you arrive in a vehicle, which is registered before December 31st 1993.
It is not yet clear where HCP will be located in 2018. Please check back later for more information.


At the parking area behind Restaurant Bellahøj a disable friendly access entrance will be established. (Entrance Vest)  At the other entrances access is only possible via bridges.

PLASE NOTE! We offer one free companion ticket for the disability helper.
Companion ticket will only be handed out on the arriving date in companionship with a disabled person, and we require proper identification.

A handicap parking area will be established at Restaurant Bellahøj.

Access can be found from the southern part of Bellahøjvej via Jyllingevej / Slotsherrensvej / Sallingevej. After entry, follow the signs and the instructions of the parking attendants. There will be an access control on Bellahøjvej, and your handicap-sign / disability badge as well as entry ticket for the race area are required to enter. It is possible to get assistance with purchasing tickets at the ticket booth behind Restaurant Bellahøj.

You find directions here.

A grandstand for wheelchair users will be established at the audience area along Bellahøjvej at the start/finish line across from Restaurant Bellahøj. Access to the grandstand requires a grandstand ticket.

Visibility to the track may, in some places, be limited because of the security barriers. There are, however, several audience areas above track level, among others Frederikssundsvej- / AutoPartner-curve.


Race for Riget is an inescapable element at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, and a unique opportunity to get close to the skilled race drivers when they exercise their spectacular craft behind the wheel.

For one hour both Saturday and Sunday, it is possible to for fans and spectators visiting Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix at Bellahøj Park, to buy a sought-after ride on the exciting race track and all funds collected are donated entirely to the Children’s Youth program at the local hospital “Rigshospitalet” and to the Red Cross.

You can find more information about Race for Riget and the participating drivers here.


As soon as the 2018 program is finished, it will be available HERE.


There will be limited parking slots in the area around CHGP, thus do we recommend all CHGP guests to make us of public transportation, which in most incidents will be the quickest option.
In connection to CHGP will a series of busses be rerouted.  It concerns the following busses: 2A – 5A – 13 – 21 – 68 – 81N – 250S and 350S. When more precise information is available, it can be found here.
Saturday August 4th and Sunday August 5th between 8am – 7pm, a shuttlebus will run between Flintholm station and Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

The route is: Flintholm Station – Grøndals Parkvej – Rebildvej – Sallingvej – Hillerødgade – Borups Allé – Bellahøj.

Return by Frederikssundsvej – Hulgårdsvej – Borups Allé – Hillerødgade – Sallingvej – Rebildvej – Grøndals Parkvej – Flintholm station.

You can find a map here.



THE TRACK is an approximately 2.4 km long concrete racetrack, built especially for CHGP at Bellahøj. It is wide, but also challenging with many curves and a good long stretch towards the finish line.From the starting line at Bellahøjvej, the track runs counter clock-wise down-hill, underway meeting  several 90 degree curves, a Monaco type chicane, a bus stop chicane and a challenging left-turn before it ends on the long stretch, where you really feel the speed.

It will be surrounded by concrete protection and crash barriers, supplemented by a two-meter-high wire fence, so that maximum security is achieved. On the inner circle you will experience a paddock, exhibition area, food stands, relax areas and much more. You find the track map here.

There is established a first-aid tent on the corner of BELLSØ STREET and LEXINGTON ALLÈ.

Remember to visit our merchandise shop at the entrance to Grøndal MultiCenter. You can already buy a wide selection of merchandise in our web shop here.

There are a lot of food stands and beer trucks spread tactically around the CHGP area. In area E near Mainstreet and in area E near the GF-Forsikring chicane, have we set up two large covered food courts.


Re-experience CHGP through the years. We have captured amazing moments from the previous years in our photo gallery.